Free Things to do in Bali? Why Not?

Free Things to do in Bali? Why Not?

Haibanana – Spending your holiday in Bali can get pretty impressed if you are in budget. Things can be expensive, especially place to stay or the food. Backpackers sometime think “There’s nothing free in Bali.” But now we will prove they were wrong, there are a lot of free things to do in Bali. Here we have listed Best free things to do in Bali.

Best Free Things to do in Bali

Witness a ceremonial event at the temple

Ceremonial event in Bali is common things you will see at least once a month. Visiting bali in their Religious festival like Galungan and Kuningan, Nyepi is the best choice. Galungan and Kuningan will be held an event once every six month. In this moment, Balinese will come to the temple to praying. You will see so many Balinese people dressed beautifully carrying offers all the way in the street especially in village. You do not need to pay to visit any temple, but remember, there is a proper manner before you enter the temple. Women on menstruation periods are prohibited to enter the temple. You need to dress neatly, and bring your own waist shawl or selendang. On Nyepi, there’s nothing to do. But one day before Nyepi, Balinese have a special event called Pengerupukan. In This moment, they will create a doll made from Bamboo called Ogoh-ogoh. It is look like a giant doll with scary face and usually carried by the youngster. Its representation is used for cast out evil spirits. How much it cost for watching this event? Absolutely FREE.

balinese galungan ceremony
balinese women on galungan and kuningan day
free things to do in bali
ogoh ogoh in bali

Admire the Arts and Craft

Balinese arts and handcraft is famous around the world. In some location like Ubud or nearby, you can enjoy locals making silver or gold jewelry, painting, stone carving, wood carving and textile. They are very friendly, you just need speak casual with them and they will teach you how to make an art. Still not believe there are free things to do in Bali?

bali crafting
wood carving in bali

Walk through Rice Paddies

Rice paddies in bali is also famous. Its beauty can’t beat anything else. Just imagine you walk through rice paddies with green view, sun rising and fresh air. This thing you can find in Jatiluwih village Tabanan or Tegalalang rice terrace Ubud. They only cost 10 thousand rupiah, less than 1 dollar. Well, it not basically free, but  for 1 dollar, it is a worth things to do in Bali.

bali rice paddies
Jatiluwih rice paddies

Enjoy the Sunset

Watching sunset in bali is a must when you visiting Bali. All beach in south coast to west coast of Bali offers beautiful sunset every single day. They only charges you 2 thousand rupiah for parking if you bring motorcycle. But if you are not, then it’s Free.

sunset in bali
sunset in bali

Surfing in Bali beach

Next free things in Bali is surfing. If you are visiting bali and bring your own surfboard, you can enjoy surfing for free in south coast of Bali. But if you did not bring your surfboard, you can borrow from the locals. They will charges you 2-5 dollars for a day surfing. Enjoying bali waves is fun things to do while waiting for sunset.

surfing in bali
Enjoy surfing in Bali

Fishing with Fisherman at Jimbaran

If you waking up before the sun rise, you will see fisherman in Jimbaran bringing fresh fish from their traditional boat. If you are lucky, they will invite you to join to their boat. You can enjoy beach breeze while fishing with net and watch the sun rising. Beautiful moment you can find in your hometown and maybe will be memorable moment during your holiday.

bali fisherman
fisherman in Jimbaran

Still not believe there are many free things to do in Bali? Next time I will write more about things to do in bali. Always remember, stay safe, do not be reckless and Enjoy your holiday.

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