About Bali and Things To Do in Bali Indonesia

About Bali and Things To Do in Bali Indonesia

Bali Island is one of the most famous travel destinations in Indonesia. There are so many things to do in Bali. Their culture is unique, that’s why so many tourists come to Bali several times. But, not all the peoples know about Bali. There are several common questions that they ask about Bali.

Where is Bali?

Bali is located in South-East Asia, precisely in Indonesia. Bali is a small island between Java Island and Lombok. Bali is 95-mile-wide Island located in the Indian Ocean, only two miles east of the tip of Java. Bali located approximately 1600 miles due Perth in West Australia.

What things to do in Bali?

There are plenty things you can do in Bali. Balinese culture is unique. Muslim influence can’t reach Balinese peoples. They have their own believes. The Balinese peoples have preserved their Ancient Hindu culture. You can see ceremonial almost every month in their ancient temples. They also have Kuta Beach, most famous and the best beaches in Bali Indonesia. In South of Bali Island, they have plenty beach with extraordinary scenery. For example, Dreamland Beach which is one of the best beaches in Bali. Locals also do some art for living such as Stone and wood carving, clothing, painting, and jewelry. Well, actually so many things to do in Bali like bali attractions. You can find EVERYTHING you need in Bali.

Things to do in Bali

What area to stay in Bali?

Bali has so many areas where you can stay. If you looking for Nightlife adventure such as clubbing, then you should stay in Kuta or Sanur area. There are plenty hotels near Kuta Beach Bali from low budget to Luxury. Nightlife in Kuta is never die, you’ll see everything you looking for in Kuta. But, if you looking for quiet places to relaxing, I recommended Ubud area. If Kuta has a modern nightlife atmosphere, Ubud has the traditional atmosphere. If you asking about where to stay in Ubud?, Ubud has many place to stay such as hostel, guesthouse, hotel or villa. It depends on your budget! So many tourists came to Ubud with their toddler or children. It’s family friendly! Well, Bali with toddler is not a bad idea, isn’t it?

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How about the price?”

As I said before, you can find anything you want depends on your budget. If you come to Bali on a budget, you can stay in hostel or dorm which is giving $10/night. But if you have more budget for room, you can stay in budget hotel or even villa. It start from $30-$50 in Kuta or Ubud area. Luxury hotels in Kuta starts from $50. But Luxury Hotels in Ubud cost more than $100 depends on its view. For food, you can find cheap restaurant in every corner of this area. It starts from $1 for local foods. But don’t expect a luxury table with wine or something else, you came, have a sit, eat and go. But if you have more budget for eating, you can try several luxury restaurant near Kuta Beach.

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How about Locals?Are they friendly?

Yes they are. Locals are friendly, especially in Ubud. In Kuta, especially in the night, you may see annoying drunk peoples in the street. Avoid them, they are reckless and impolite. Just ignore them and walk away. if they still talking to you, just don’t answer and keep walking. In Ubud, you’ll never see anything like this. They are very polite with average Foreign Language. So you still can communicate with them. There some reason why i love locals is because they are very friendly to foreigner, always smiling, and love to greet foreigner wherever and whenever they’ve meet. Their kindness is the one reason why foreigner keep coming into this island aside from their nature.

How about the transportation? What should i do?”

Don’t worry about the transportation. You can find so many bike rentals in every corner of Bali. Don’t forget bring helmet. Remember, safety first. They will charges $5-$10/day exclude petrol. if you choose to use bike, always bring a Map. And if you lost, don’t be shy to locals, they will help you. Local Guide service also can be used in case you worried about lost in someplace. Guide service will explain you things to do in Bali and accompany you during your trip. Their price may vary. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price. It’s starting from $30 till $60 per day trip, include cars and petrol.

That’s all about things to do in Bali.. How about forbidden things to do?”

Locals especially Hinduism have their own believe and rules. Several things you should not do in Bali is Enter the temple during menstruation period. Wearing bikini or shorts also prohibited when enter to the temple. when You should wear a ‘Kemben’ or long fabric. You don’t bring some, you can borrow in the entrance in every temple. Local guide will explain more about things you shouldn’t do in the temple.

Aside from usual trio of shopping, dining, relaxing, There are also plenty things to do in Bali such as: Surfing, tracking, hiking, see interiors like waterfall, volcano, rice terrace, diving and snorkeling. The best times to visit Bali is on June to August or driest and busiest during summer. Unfortunately, this also when the large number traveler who want to escape winter in Southern make a beeline for Bali.

For the rice terrace, you need to be lucky to come in time. They harvest their rice terrace every 3 or 4 month. But in Bali, they have so many rice terraces especially in inland area. Julia Roberts love to stay in Ubud because of its coziness, quiet, and most relaxing location all over Bali. So, it depends on you. What are you looking for and what are you going to do in Bali. Know your place before you put step in that place. Enjoy your holiday!

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